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Bild: Dorothea Tuch 

Teaser: Helena Wittmann

YEŞIM DUMAN is a curator at the Pop-Kultur-Festival Berlin, DJ and stands out as the organizer of various queer events, including "Erdogay," "Bubble," "Queer Ping Pong," and "Karaokee Xpress." Duman places a strong emphasis on participatory event formats, such as the "Queer Chess Club" and "Karaokee Xpress" at the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin.


Her events seamlessly blend talks, workshops, and the performative installation known as "Çaystube," which functions as an experiential space for marginalized communities. The Çaystube is a meeting point aiming to facilitate exchange in person. In her work, Duman delves into themes like queerness, social exclusion, and the circumstances faced by female and non-binary artists within the pop and club culture, all from the perspective of a post-migrant individual.

Yeşim Duman also curates discussions like "Let's talk about gender," "Habibi," "Tops or Bottoms," and "Wish you were queer." As a member of the "female:pressure" platform, she actively advocates for increased inclusion of individuals identified as female within the music and cultural scene. Additionally, Duman holds a position as a member of the Music Advisory Board at the Goethe-Institut.

Past projects and events are realised at various institutions, among them Kampnagel in Hamburg, Golden Pudel Club, Vogelball-Festival, Pop-Kultur Festival Berlin, Reeperbahn Festival, Übel & Gefährlich, Mojo Club or Nachtasyl and more.

Yeşim Duman currently resides and works in Berlin.

Bild: Alex Solman

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