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Bild: Dorothea Tuch 

Teaser: Helena Wittmann

YEŞIM DUMAN is a curator at Pop-Kultur Festival, DJ and activist. Duman is hosting radio shows on ByteFM and THF Radio.

She invented the queer event series "bubble",  "erdogay", "Queer Ping Pong" and "Pop-Hayat". In her work Duman discusses queerness, social exclusion, race and the situation of female/ non-binary artists in pop -and clubculture from the perspective of a post-migrant person. Furthermore, the Çaystube was designed as a performative installation, serving as an experiential space. The Çaystube is a meeting point aiming to facilitate exchange in person. 


Duman curates workshops and talks like "Lets talk about gender, habibi", "wish you were queer" , "Tops or Bottoms or "Pop-Hayat Talk".  


Past projects and events are realised at various institutions, among them Kampnagel in Hamburg, Golden Pudel Club, Vogelball-Festival, Pop-Kultur Festival Berlin, Reeperbahn Festival, Übel & Gefährlich, Mojo Club or Nachtasyl and more.

As a member of the platform female:pressure, Duman is committed to more inclusion of womxn in the music business.  Duman deals with intersections to visual and performative art, club -and queer culture. 

Bild: Alex Solman

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